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  1. fluid sims: realflow, emfluid in XSI ICE, fume fx, sometimes phoenix fd is really good too. I use simple geometry as either an emitter object or a surface force. simple geometry is activated in audio float controller in 3dsmax

  2. Could you PLEASE, PLEASE make an iTunes/music visualizer for us? Your skills are absolutely just fantastic, and if I could have your work housed in my computer as a visualizer for my music library, it would be unbelievably great. I think a lot of other people would like it as well. I, for one, would pay good money to actually get a visualizer that is interesting, intricate, and well-done as your animations.

    Good day!

  3. hmm sounds like some kind of kick stater campaign could be in order, yer i’ve had a few suggestions about things like that

  4. I’d like to chime in with Gen M; Apple’s visual synth could use your talents!
    Solar Fields ambient space might serve as a background for your work?

  5. Fascinating and mesmerizing work Andy.
    I think these would make fantastic installation pieces. Projecting video onto 3 or 4 walls with a good audio system surrounding the viewers would be really powerful. Some would find it relaxing and I am sure some would find it disconcerting. I am not sure how I would react but I want to know! In Minneapolis Minnesota there are 2 museums that have shown multi-media installations with video and sound. The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Very interesting work Andy.

  6. Cheers Tony, Yer I’m currently in the process of working these ideas into a projection mapping set up, I will post some stuff about it in a few months time.

  7. Beautiful work, Andy, and I agree with the earlier comments about creating an installation with your projections. I recently saw such a piece by Kambui Olujimi at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, floor to ceiling border less time laps projections of cloudy skies. Let me know where you’ll show the first one, would love to see it. : )

  8. Hey Heinrich, that sounds like a great idea, I’ll check out your link too. Thanks so much.

  9. Andy – I do music and mess with paint and build furniture etc. – For years I wanted to convert the Work of Mondrian into a sonic experience. Have you thought of how to trigger sound with graphics?

    I do not have that technical expertise in my boot holster but I can learn anything.

    Any ideas?

  10. A new school is opening in Dubai, UAE
    Your artwork would be well served at this institution. If interested, contact me. Have thoughts and display ideas at the ready. I will do my best to submit them.

  11. Hi Robert, you would need to use some software like MAX/MSP for this, its pretty complicated stuff

  12. There is no end to discovery of art….thank you for showing us…
    I watched this with Moonlight Sonata in background.

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