Every Friday I will be posting a study of an insect, to show my appreciation to mother nature for creating such amazing creatures.

This one is a spiny cricket photographed in the Daintree Rainforest of Far North Queensland.

copywrite andythomas 2014copywrite andythomas 2014

A quick abstract spiny cricket sketch copywrite andythomas 2014

copywrite andythomas 2014


With this piece I created some 3D art with my computer, printed it out onto canvas and then used oil paint mixed with sand to build up some texture. I then painted these twisting glassy shapes by mixing layers of medium into the oil paint.

copywrite andythomas 2014

Lichen Study

Next time you see some lichen on a tree branch, go up and have a really close look, it is the most amazing alien world you can image.

These shots were taken with my macro lens in the studio.

copywrite andythomas 2014copywrite andythomas 2014copywrite andythomas 2014copywrite andythomas 2014copywrite andythomas 2014

I then went into zbrush and created my own lichen.

copywrite andythomas 2014

Not quite as perfect as the real thing, I’ll be sure to revisit it soon.

Here is an extended piece integrated with the photography.

copywrite andythomas 2014