Visual Sounds of the Amazon

Our goal is to create artwork inspired by an expedition to the Amazon rainforest in order to highlight issues related to deforestation.


and you will receive some awesome rewards of my artwork and much more.


Walking in the forest and navigating through flooded regions of the Amazon rainforest, we’ll be taking pictures, sound recordings and filming of the fauna and flora to serve as a basis for creating a new  series of digital art by artist Andy Thomas. All observations will be scientifically classified by the biologist Reynier Omena Junior. The organization of the journey is being prepared by cultural producer  Ricardo Queiroz.


Once photos, video and sound recordings have been captured, back in the his studio, Andy Thomas will create a new audio visual artwork series with detailed photoshop artwork and sound responsive animations triggered by the wave forms of the sounds captured in the forest. We also will prepare a small documentary film of this expedition that will be freely distributed online.


After we have concluded the first steps, all collected material will be organized into one exhibition where the people will be able to interact with and watch the videos, photos, sounds and motion art of this cultural and scientific expedition. After the exhibition project has finished, it will be offered to several art galleries in countries interested in receiving our project.


The main distinguishing feature of this project is to involve people around an idea and put you in touch with nature, creating awareness of the critical effects on the climate where the forest is one of the main pieces of this puzzle. Make a difference while embark on the adventure of a lifetime and take part in the fight against climate change.


To finance the activities of this project we are raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Support us and win amazing rewards or visit our virtual store where you can acquire the art of Andy Thomas. The funds received will be used to arrange the travel, the creation of artworks, production of the video and other expenses.


You can help us to publish this idea in your social network or in your site. If you love nature, if you appreciate art, if you are a bird watcher or even if you are worried about the consequences of global warming, you can help us run this project publicizing this idea to your friends. Our team and mother  nature thanks you.



Field Trip New Zealand

My next field trip is to New Zealand, where i will be taking photos and collecting visual material for my next art projects. I’m looking forawrd to this, I’ve never been to New Zealand before, even though it is so close to Australia. Most likely heading down the West Coast of the South Island. More Info to come…..


Forest Inspiration

Some photos that I took at my favorite forest. This is inspiration for some new work. I took the camera and my dog and studied several different forests. I am interested in patterns created from branching out forms found in nature.


This is a really rough photoshop sketch for an idea for a new piece, possibly even an animation fly through. Here I am interested in the way certain trees spike up and branch out in a vertical interlocking network. Glowing aqua coloured technology spheres embedded into the trunks.



Zbrush Modelling using Ztree plugin