Field Trip New Zealand

My next field trip is to New Zealand, where i will be taking photos and collecting visual material for my next art projects. I’m looking forawrd to this, I’ve never been to New Zealand before, even though it is so close to Australia. Most likely heading down the West Coast of the South Island. More Info to come…..


Forest Inspiration

Some photos that I took at my favorite forest. This is inspiration for some new work. I took the camera and my dog and studied several different forests. I am interested in patterns created from branching out forms found in nature.


This is a really rough photoshop sketch for an idea for a new piece, possibly even an animation fly through. Here I am interested in the way certain trees spike up and branch out in a vertical interlocking network. Glowing aqua coloured technology spheres embedded into the trunks.



Zbrush Modelling using Ztree plugin