Nightingale and Canary

These new bird sound animations were commissioned by Europeana Creative and funded by the EU. The video was created using sound recordings from the archives of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.


Here is the inspiration for the work. Insects, orchids and birds. Insects eat the plants, birds eat the insects….humans eat EVERYTHING! :)


And some sketches


I will create a detailed explanation of how I created this, in the mean time here are a few quick screen grabs. Main tools used: XSI ICE with emfluid, empolygonizer, 3dsMax, After Effects, and rendered with Vray.

Basically I use simple geometry activated with the audio float controller in 3dsmax. This geometry is used as an emitter object or a surface constraint object in particle setup in fume fx,  XSI ICE, and Realflow.

Ice Particles in XSI


Particles polygonized


here is one of the ice trees. This is what drives the behaviour of the particles. Multiple ice trees were used in each simulation.


3dsmax setup with Vray. Alembic was use to go back and forth between programs.